domingo, 4 de junio de 2017

Aquatic Centre - 7th Weekend

We just started the month of June!
The end of the stay is on sight and the boys know it... Most of them are already counting the days until we go back to Spain. But let's spend the remaining days as best as we can!
This Saturday we went to the Aquatic Centre after the Mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace.
Photos were not allowed at the Aquatic Centre, so we just took this picture outside:
Since Monday was a Bank Holiday, both Carlos Calvo and Iker Escarpenter were doing outings with their families, so they didn't come to the plan. Pablo Guitérrez couldn't also join the others for medical reasons, so we stayed at the cafeteria playing games and watching the others. He deserved that ice-cream!
After the Aquatic Centre, we went to do some shopping at the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, very near to the Aquatic Centre. Finally we went back to Rockbrook and Rosemont, where the boys were picked up by their families.
But the day was not over for me and for Álex Navarro, as we had to visit the doctor... But everything's fine! We watched the Champions League Final at the waiting room of the clinic.
See you soon!

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