miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

Let's rap! - Project 4

 As you all probably saw at the airport on the 4th April when I gave out the project books, the last project was called "Let's Rap"! We spent the last week working on it and I'm glad to show you the results.
We recorded 4 different songs, according to the 4 different groups that used to go to Rockbrook each day of the week.
These are the singers of each of the songs, in the appearing order. Enjoy the songs!

Monday - Ballyroan
-Hugo Marcet
-Guillermo Romero
-Pablo Calvo
-Ramón Lefort
-César García

Tuesday - St. Mary's and Pere Muñoz
-Álvaro Montuenga
-Beltrán De Arquer
-Lucas Clavell
-Pere Muñoz

Wednesday - Our Lady's + St. Joseph's
-Marc Sobrevías
-Richy Viayna
-Alejandro Navas
-Pepe Postigo

Thursday - St. Pius
-Alfonso Benavides
-Pablo Rafel
-Luis Terradas
-Guillermo Puig

domingo, 19 de junio de 2016

Shopping! - Last Weekend

Last weekend in Ireland!

Our last Saturday came and it was time to go shopping!
During the week we finished the Project 4 - Let's rap! All the boys did a great job and interpreted their own written raps very well. I will upload all of them before we come back to Spain.
It was time to celebrate another birthday - Pere's birthday is on Monday! So we went to Burger King...
After going to mass for the last time at Our Lady Queen of Peace, we drove to St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre in the city centre. There were a lot of stores, but the most famous and visited one was Carrolls Irish Gifts. I'm sorry I can't tell you what they bought, it will be a susprise for you!
After St. Stephen's Green we went by bus to Dundrum Shopping Centre to buy the last things. Finally we went back to Rockbrook, where the boys played football and were picked up by their Irish families.
I know I always say 'see you soon'. but this time it really makes sense, since 'soon' means next Wednesday.
So... see you soon!

domingo, 12 de junio de 2016

Footee (footgolf) - 10th Weekend

What a great day today!

 This week started with a bank holiday, so none of the boys had class. The boys in St. Pius had also Tuesday and Wednesday off, so I took them to Dublinia - the plan they missed when the others had a full week off.
On Friday we met at Rockbrook and I gave them the first tricks to do a rap song - we'll record the song next week! After that I took Marc, Alejandro and Álvaro to McDonalds to celebrate Marc's birthday, which is next Montay 13th.
Today after mass we went to Footee, a mixture between football and golf, where you play 18 holes kicking a football. It was amazing! The boys really loved it and played very well.
After the game something was awaiting... Some Domino's Pizzas and drinks!
When we were eating it suddenly started to rain, so we were quite lucky with the weather today.
After Footee we went back to Rockbrook, where we had time to play another game: the murderer.
We had a lot of fun and finally the boys were picked up by their Irish families.
On Monday we will start our last full week! 
See you soon!

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