jueves, 26 de junio de 2014

Video of Viaró boys

Hi everyone!

Here are some videos of Viaró pupils talking about places they were or activities they did in these two months they have spent in Ireland.

I hope you enjoy them!

····· Santi ·····


····· Teo and Pablo ·····


····· Bruno ·····


····· Jaime M ·····


····· Álvaro ·····


····· Quique ·····


····· Nacho ·····


····· Jaime G ·····


····· Mario ·····


Only two days left to be in Barcelona... see you there!

miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014

Irish Schools

Good morning, families, relatives and friends!

These pictures were taken in all the irish schools where boys are attending. All of them start at 8:50 a.m. and finish at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Mario and Bruno in Our Lady's Boys School

Álvaro in St. Mary's B.N.S

Jaime, Teo and Nacho in St. Pius X  B.N.S

Pablo, Quique and Pablo in Ballyroan B.N.S

Santi and Jaime in St. Joseph's B.N.S

This is Pablo Malo and Quique's classroom. All classrooms in Dublin are like this.

Twice a week, I go to every school and I talk to each student. 

Once a week, Viaró's lads come to Rockbrook from 15h to 17h to do their English homework.

This is the car we use to go to Rockbrook.

This is the old main building in Rockbrook School.

This is the biggest football pitch in the school. It is in front of the main building.

This is the panorama from the main football pitch.

On Mondays, it's time for Mario, Álvaro and Pablo.

On Thursdays, it's time for Nacho, Jaime and Teo.

On Fridays, it's time for Bruno, Quique, Santi and Jaime.

lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

Last Saturday... what a pity!

Hi there!

Last Saturday was our last in Dublin... so the boys were excited to go shopping and buy all the presents they wanted to.
Some of them brought a list of them in a paper because they wanted not to forget anything.
The Rockbrook bus dropped us in St. Stephen's Green. We had two hours to do the shopping. The weather was hot and bright, like in Spain!

Hundreds of pictures to look at. They were hanging onto the park's wall.

The Joker.

We walked down through Grafton Street, in the centre of Dublin. You can find all kinds of street spectacles, such as human statues, musicians, artists, etc.

We first went to Carrolls shop. This is a very big and famous gift shop in Ireland. You can almost find everything there. They all behaved very well and the last person who finished his shopping... was me!
If one of the lads needed help, he asked the shop assistant on his own.

And after Carrolls, we went to St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre. There are many different shops inside and they could buy more specific presents.

At one o'clock the bus collected us and brought us to Marlay Park. We spent three more hours playing in the rope pyramid and playing football with other Spanish boys we found there.

We played "cops and robbers" and "tag". We didn't miss the opportunity to pray the Holy Rosary and to offer it for many intentions.

We were so grateful for this two months in Ireland. We have learnt many things, not only academic but also about our personalities.

We are all waiting for the Friday to come... and you? I think so. :-)
See you then!