domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013

Good bye Ireland!

 After thirteen intense weeks we came back home. Boys really desired this day to come. Effort, help, generosity and many other different virtues are what we have learnt and practiced.
 Families, you can be very proud of your sons!

Here you have some of the last photos in their schools and in Rockbrook as well.

Arnau and Álex in St. Mary's Boys National School.

Alejandro, Álvaro, Hugo and Rafa in Ballyroan Boys National School.

Miquel and Joaquín in St. Pius X Boys National School.

Gabriel, Chemi and Oriol in St. Joseph's Boys National School.

With Declan, our bus driver.

Last picture in Rockbrook. In front of the old building.

Waiting for the boarding into the Dublin Airport.

Thank you for your support and encouragement!
See you next monday in Viaró!

martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013

Shopping and gimcana







We spent two hours and a half shopping in several places. We started at Carroll's, the perfect shop to buy souvenirs, where you can find anything you want with a clover printed on it. After that we went to different stores along Grafton Street: Elverys Sports, Brown Thomas, and St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre.
After 2:30 hours looking for the best present we were exhausted... but happy because everybody got all that they wanted to buy.

As everyone knows, the best thing you can do to rest is play a "gincama". We made 5 teams and they spent 2 hours more trying to decrypt the messages they were given in some papers and trying to find the clue throughout St. Stephen's Green Park.

The Greens.

The naughty boys.

The winners were Oriol, Rafa and Joaquín. Congratulations boys!!!

Just before going home with our families. Everyone was happy. Everyone accomplished his target.

Only one week left to coming back home!! 
Some of them are counting the days...

See you next friday!

Second week of exams

Last week was the exams week. We had Spanish exam on Monday and Tuesday; the Catalan one on Wednesday and Thursday; and on Friday the maths exam all together. They are finishing their work in Ireland little by little. This week they only have to do Spanish and maths homework to be free.

Aquatic Centre

This was the Saturday the boys were expecting the most. The Aquatic Centre is an indoor giant swimming pool with some slides, a jacuzzi and an area with waves. We spent many time playing "cops and robbers" and that was very exciting because we couldn't run.

We took only a few photos before because we were not allowed to take any inside the swimming area.


Only two weeks left to return to Barcelona! We do not want to go back... ;-)

Ice Skating

First of all, sorry about the delay posting this report!

This time we went to Dundrum Shopping Centre to practice ice skating. There were many people enjoying the first day it was open. But no one had a greater time than us! To hold one's balance was very difficult because the ice floor was not smoothed. The first falling down was Mr. Cervera.

Grabbing the penguin was the best way not to fall down.

Alejandro skating very well and behind him Gabriel... taking a wrong way!

After the skating we went tho visit the shopping centre to get some ideas for the last saturday in Ireland.

Beside this shopping centre there was a church and we went to pray the Holy Rosary.

We found a tree full of hanging papers. They were names of the people someone wanted to pray for. We wrote one name: Viaró School.