sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Cinema: Captain America + Shopping - 4th Weekend

Hello from all 18 superheros!

We are finishing our 4th week in Ireland and we did a more relaxed plan - well, it was supposed to be relaxed, but there are always emotions, feelings and experiences involved.

It was the birthday of César on Wednesday. He told that he celebrated it at the cinema and went to McDonald's with his family. Moreover, the family gave him a present: a brand new football.

On Friday, it was time to celebrate again, this time with Spanish friends. So I took César, Ramón, Pablo Postico and Richy to McDonald's. We had a great time!

The plan of the Saturday was planned to be relaxed, because the weather forecast -which you really can't trust much here in Ireland - was bad, plus Pepe Postigo is not fully recovered from the injury yet.
After going to mass, we drove to the cinema to watch Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.
After the cinema we had some time to go shopping at Dundrum Shopping Centre. We will - of course - have more chances to go shopping in the following weeks.
Finally we went to Rockbrook to play football and then all the boys were picked up by their Irish families.

Next week will be a different week: we have holidays!
Therefore, we will combine plans (like on Saturdays) and family days. I will post 2 or 3 times next week on the blog!

Bye bye!

lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

Phoenix Park - 3rd Weekend

3 weeks already!

All the boys say it: this week went so fast!
The weekend came very soon and it was time to do another plan. Since the weather was very good during all the week - sunny days really lift you up here in Dublin - we decided to go to Phoenix Park and ride with bikes.
Phoenix Park is one of the biggest urban parks in Europe. It has a vast area and there are lots of things to do there. We went to mass as usual and then drove to the park, where we first had some time to have lunch and play football. After the meal, we took the bikes and started riding through the park.
The ride was shorter than planned, because one of the boys (Pepe Postigo) got accidentally injured and went back to the start to rest - a few of the group helped him. The others made it to the Papal Cross, a white cross built for Pope (Saint) John Paul II's visit in 1979. The boys had a lot of fun there.
The time was flying and we rode back to join the others and I gave everyone a prize - we all had a nice ice-cream!
Finally we drove back to Rockbrook and played some football, until everyone went back home with their irish families. Well, not all, since Pepe Postigo had to be taken to the hospital to get some stitches - 5!

The boys are getting on pretty well and I'm happy for them, because if they continue this way, they'll attain our objectives.


PS: I almost forgot, here you have more photos of the week!

sábado, 16 de abril de 2016

Bray Bowlin'! - Second Saturday

Hello again!

Today we spent our second Saturday here in Dublin. Many of the boys told me that this week had passed faster than the first one. In this week I started taking the students to Rockbrook - between 4 and 6 each day - to teach them English and help them improve their use of the language. Like last week, we all went to Rockbrook on Friday and talked about many things.

After the mass at "Our Lady Queen of Peace" - the priest said that the boys had a great behaviour! - we drove to Bray, located about 20 km in the south of Dublin. The plan for today was all about having FUN!
Quasar, arcade machines, sports, bowling... and of course, a football match back at Rockbrook.

I think the boys will sleep very well today, because they all got tired with so many amazing activities.
I also got tired, so I'm going to stop talking and let you see some photos in the following gallery.

Until the next time!


sábado, 9 de abril de 2016

First weekend: National Aquatic Centre!

What a great day!

Today we left our first Saturday in Ireland. After going yesterday to Rockbrook to talk and play some football, today we had our weekly Mass at Our Lady Queen of peace, where we are going to go every Saturday and will be able to have Confessions in Spanish.

After the mass, we drove to the National Aquatic Centre, where we spent the day. It's a pity that cameras were not allowed at the Park - you would have seen smiles, laughs and FUN. Even I joined them and!
All of the students enjoyed the plan and were very positive - the first days are always difficult, but today it was a good oportunity to share experiences.
After the Park, we went back to Rockbrook, where families picked up the students.
Until the next time!

miércoles, 6 de abril de 2016

We are in Ireland!


Good morning from Dublin!

The day finally came and on 4th April we met at the airport to start our Irish adventure. After saying 'goodbye', we flew to Dublin, where we landed as scheduled at 2:30 PM (local time).
At Dublin's airport we picked up the baggages and drove to Rockbrook School with a school bus.

In Rockbrook, coordinator Luis González welcomed the boys and talked to them about the experience, the norms of the school and how to fully benefit from the time they are going to spend in Ireland. After a short talk, the families arrived: finally the boys got to know their new families.
The next day they all went to school and I visited them in Ballyroan, St. Pius X, Our Lady's, St. Mary's and Sant Joseph's respectively. Although the first days may be difficult, I'm sure all of them - helping each other - will manage to succeed and attain the two main objectives of the project: to learn English and to mature, adapting to a new culture, language and environment.

Until the next time!

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