domingo, 28 de mayo de 2017

Jumpzone & Pilgrimage - 6th Weekend

Last weekend of May!
The weather these last days is being amazing! However, we had a very cloudy and rainy day on Saturday, which made us change our plans a bit. But it didn't really matter! We were able to do a fun activity and combine it with the traditional pilgrimage of May to pray to Our Lady Virgin Mary.
After the Holy Mass we drove to the Jumpzone!
The Jumpzone is a place with lots of trampolines and different jumping areas, where the lads got reaaaally exhausted, but had a lot of fun.
After that, we had planned to drive to a beautiful church to do our pilgrimage, but it was raining all the time and, when we got there, there was a wedding taking place. That's why we prayed 2 rosaries in the bus and then prayed the third one in the chapel of Rockbrook.
In Rockbrook we had also time to play "the wolf", talk and have fun before they were collected by their host families.
I'm sorry I didn't take many pictures this time, but you will enjoy a video tomorrow at school!
See you soon!

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