viernes, 25 de mayo de 2018

5th Weekend - Ford Lucan

Good to see you again!!

Today I would like to mention Enric Rodriguez, because he turned 11 years old on Thursday, so... Happy Birthday, Enric!!
As usual, we went to celebrate with Balliroan's students on Monday. These are good moments to laugh, enjoy and relax.

On Saturday we met for our weekly plan. After Holy Mass at Our Lady's
We headed straight to Fort Lucan: an adventure park with water slides!! 
Sorry about the pictures but it was quite a difficult task:


They enjoyed a lot!!

lunes, 21 de mayo de 2018


We are halfway through, here you have a little resume of our adventures so far..

One month left!


martes, 15 de mayo de 2018

4th and 5th week - Zipit, Jump Zone and much more!!

Hello again!! We have had two very busy weeks which is so good!!

On the 4rth week:
We had a different week and we skipped Rockbrook, but for very good reasons. Let me explain:

On Monday with Ballyroan had a special plan and went to Nutgrove Shopping Center.

On Tuesday was Alejandro's birthday so we had dinner at Burger King to celebrate.

On Wednesday... we had another party at Daniel's house and all St. Chronans students were very happy... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANIEL!!

Finally, on Thursday, We met at Rockbrook all school where we did some work and we sang Happy Birthday to Dani and Alejandro.

Also, Mr Homs and Mr Dionis came to visit, and they brought with them some letters from Spain. The kids were all very happy to read them.

On Saturday we had plan full of adrenaline and courage: WE WENT TO ZIPIT, an adventure park.

At the end of Saturday's plan, they had a meeting with the boys.

The 5th week was also very different, on Monday was Bank Holliday, and all schools except for St. Kevin's had the week off, so we took the chance for dos some different stuff.

On Tuesday we met at Rockbrook where Miss. Helen, an English teacher taught them English classes, later on, we went to Marly's Park where Santi Belizón went to pick the St. Kevin's boys so they could play with us. Thank you, Santi!!

On Thursday, we went visit Kilkenny's Castle- that Castle belonged to the Butlers family for over 600 years!!
Beautiful castle with beautiful garden to play the perfect soccer match.

And finally last Saturday we added more adrenaline mixt with balance, we went to the Jump Zone.
Carlos Calvo frightened us with some nice stunts!

That's all for see you next week!!!

Week 4 Gallery

Week 5 Gallery

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2018

3rd Weekend- Mini golf and Dunbrum Shopping Centre

Hello again!!

This past week we have had some nice achievements.
Two of our students have been selected as STUDENT OF THE WEEK by their schools.

First of all, Jorge Puig's was awarded students of the week by his school St. Cronan's.
Congratulations Jorge, keep the hard work!!

And last but not least, Tomás Postigo, students at Saint Kevin's B.N.S, was entitled as the student of the week.
He made a speech, in English of course, about his family. Congratulations to you, buddie!! Way to go!!

After assisting to Holy Mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace, we headed to Dundrum's town, exactly to Dundrum Shopping Center.

Where we played a really cool Mini golf which was set as a rainforest. It was really amazing. It had sound effects and even monkeys hanging on the trees (the monkeys weren't real but they seemed so). Along the game, there were some posts which explained curiosities from the Mayan and Aztec cultures such as the Mayan calendar and the gods they use to believe in.
Special mention to Pablo Gutierrez, Bosco de Arquer, and Ignacio Benavides, they showed some technique. 

After having lunch outside the local we organized our selves into squads since we were about to enter one of the biggest Shopping Center in Europe. So every hour we would meet at our accorded meeting point. they loved doing some shopping!!!

See you next week for more adventures!!

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