domingo, 21 de mayo de 2017

Fort Lucan - 5th Weekend

First month is over!
Today marks the half of our stay here in Dublin, one month has passed and one month is left. This weekend we received a very special visit: Mr. Gómez and Mr. Santín came to Ireland! They stayed here from Thursday to Sunday and brought a lot of letters and presents from families and classmates in Spain.
All the boys were really excited when reading the letters on Friday. Our visitors also came with us to the Saturday plan. We went to mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace and then we drove to Lucan to have fun at Fort Lucan! Fort Lucan is a theme park with different slides, pedal karts, mini golf and many other funny things.
The weather was changing all the time, so it was cloudy, rainy, sunny, windy... In other words, the usual weather here in Ireland! Since the boys were already wet from the water slides, the weather didn't really matter. After the plan we drove back to Rosemont and Rockbrook to stay the weekend with the families.
Here you have the gallery with the best photos of Saturday. Sorry if some of the boys don't appear much! See you soon!

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