martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

Footee (FootGolf) - 3rd Weekend

After 2 complete weeks and 3 weekends, it's time to take the experience to the next level!
The students handed in the first project, about learning the most important prayers in English and now they are starting the second one, about the origin of placenames in Ireland, using the guide.
We all think a lot of Richy and his family and offered the mass of Saturday and Holy Rosaries for his father's soul. Richy, we miss you!
We had a beautiful weather during this week and it seems the Sun will stay with us some time!
This weekend we went to play a mix of two sports: Football + Golf = Footgolf!
With our football boots on, we went to Footee in Tallaght, close to Rockbrook and played 18 holes!
After that, we all were exhausted and some Domino's Pizzas were waiting for us.
It was a great day and, even though we ended up quite tired, we had a lot of fun!
You can see all photos from Saturday here: (I forgot to take a group photo, sorry!)

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