domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

Bray Bowl - 2nd Weekend

One week already!
8 days ago we were travelling here and now we have already spent our first week in Dublin. First week at the family, first week of school... Getting to know many people and getting used to the culture and language. I'm sure they are going to learn a lot here!
On Friday we all met at Rockbrook and played padel!
In this second weekend I wanted us all to have a lot of fun, so we went to Bray Bowl to play bowling, laser tag and videogames. As always, we went first to Mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace, where Pablo Cuartero and Pablo Postigo served.
After the Mass we drove to Bray (where some of the students live and go to school), a town in the south-east of Dublin. We went to Bray Bowl and enjoyed! After playing, we relaxed at the beach and had time for some ice-creams.
Joel Blanco didn't come this Saturday, because we was doing a plan with his Irish family. Monday is a bank holiday, so we will not go to school.
Here you have the best photos of the week!

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