miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2016

Golf at Marlay Park - Tuesday of Holidays Week

A full week off here in Dublin!

The boys are having the whole week free, so we are combining stays with the families with fun and cultural plans. After Monday - it was a bank holiday - we came to Rockbrook on Tuesday and took some time to talk and review the 4 weeks we have already spent here. There was some time to play football, too. This timewe were 17 boys - Guille Puig was doing a plan with his Irish family, what a great idea!
Then we went to Marlay Park, located very near to Rockbrook and with a lot of activities to do! After lunch we were ready to play golf. We went to a 'pitch and putt' and splitted into 3 groups to play the different holes. I think it was really a good plan and we all had a lot of fun!
Of course, not all of us had played golf before, and I could notice some of the boys had already taken some classes! The boys are always very competitive, so they were taking the competition very serious. As if it was the Masters!
After playing golf, we all deserved an ice-cream! We played in the playground until it was the time to go back to Rockbrook, where the boys played some football and finally were picked up by their Irish families. What a day! I ended up so tired! But it was very good and theboys really enjoyed it.

Until the next time!
PS: I took a lot of photos, take a look at them:

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