sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Cinema: Captain America + Shopping - 4th Weekend

Hello from all 18 superheros!

We are finishing our 4th week in Ireland and we did a more relaxed plan - well, it was supposed to be relaxed, but there are always emotions, feelings and experiences involved.

It was the birthday of César on Wednesday. He told that he celebrated it at the cinema and went to McDonald's with his family. Moreover, the family gave him a present: a brand new football.

On Friday, it was time to celebrate again, this time with Spanish friends. So I took César, Ramón, Pablo Postico and Richy to McDonald's. We had a great time!

The plan of the Saturday was planned to be relaxed, because the weather forecast -which you really can't trust much here in Ireland - was bad, plus Pepe Postigo is not fully recovered from the injury yet.
After going to mass, we drove to the cinema to watch Marvel's Captain America: Civil War.
After the cinema we had some time to go shopping at Dundrum Shopping Centre. We will - of course - have more chances to go shopping in the following weeks.
Finally we went to Rockbrook to play football and then all the boys were picked up by their Irish families.

Next week will be a different week: we have holidays!
Therefore, we will combine plans (like on Saturdays) and family days. I will post 2 or 3 times next week on the blog!

Bye bye!

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