sábado, 20 de junio de 2015

Shopping during last Saturday

Hi everyone!

Today has been our last Saturday in Ireland. We are looking forward to next Friday to get on the plane and return to Spain. These 11 weeks here in Dublin have been amazing, great, exhausted, funny, difficult, wonderful and lots of other adjectives. I'm sure your sons will explain you every single detail of his stay here.

As usual, we have spent our last Saturday buying presents for our relatives. All they boys had prepared a list with the different things they wanted to buy to you. And the great thing is that they have found all what they wanted!

After going to Mass and praying for all of you, we have gone to St.Stephen's Green.The fist place we have stopped to buy has been a big shop called Carroll's.  It is a shop were you can buy all sort of Ireland gifts. You can imagine our situation there: 16 boys trying to buy lots of presents. The awesome thing is that if they needed help, they asked the shop assistant on his own. It is a real proof that they have learnt lot of English!

After buying different stuff there, we have walked through Grafton Street. This is a pedestrian street were musicians, statues, clowns and other kinds of spectacles are located. The boys had really fun with this people.

When our lunch was finished in St.Stephen's Green Park, we have had some more time to buy our presents in the Shopping Centre.

The boys have had a really good behaviour while doing the shops and they were happy to buy things for you as a gift. Isn't it lovely? 

As every post, you have next lots of pictures done today while shopping. I apologise because it was difficult to capture their cheerful faces (and there were three boys, Gonzalo, Álvaro Pintado and Guille, that have left our plan early because they had to play the semifinals of a football tournament with other irish boys).

Thank you very much for your help all this days, and I hope to see you next Friday at the airport. Cheers!!


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