domingo, 24 de mayo de 2015

Bikes in Phoenix Park

Good evening!

In our Saturday plan, we went to the biggest park in Europe: the Phoenix Park. This park is an urban park divided in two big parts and with the zoo in it.

After going to mass, we went to rent the bikes for do a route inside the park. We started in the east part, and we followed the lower road going to the central part of the park. The boys enjoyed riding the bike and the amazing and warm day with 20 degrees.

At 12.45 we stopped the bikes and we had lunch in the grass. Then, we had a "pichi" match, and some bike races. We also prayed the Rosary offering each mystery because we are in May, the Virgin Mary month. At the end and before leaving, we notices a group of 30 deers and we approached to try to touch them. They were so nice-looking!

Definitely we had a great day, having fun and tiredness. Coming up next you have some photos of the day. Regards!

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