miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2018

4th Weekend -Lough Key Forest Park Zipit

Alex Sobrevias and Daniel Luján wrote last weekend's plan I helped them a bit:

This weekend we went to ZipitIt's a place in the forest with zip lines and a lot of funny things on the trees. When we arrived, all the people was excited. We put all the harness on and we started.

In the beginning, the monitor showed us how to do it. When we finished the small exercise to learn, we start the difficult ones. We went to the orange one, the easiest, at the beginning was easy but at the end got more difficult. Mr. Bañares told us to go try the white circuit (the most challenging for our age) it was scary but was all OK, cool and funny. At 4:30 PM we went home...

A great activity to overcome fears and challenge yourself some students were scared of heights after 10 minutes they were loving it!!

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