jueves, 7 de junio de 2018

7th Weekend- Footie, romería & celebration

I have some awesome news Tomás Postigo told me that he has been selected to play the finals at Croke Park on June 6th. 

What an achievement!! 

Just getting to into the finals is incredible, however, we wish him best of luck.

Today Luca is telling us about his week:

"Hello, my name is Luca.

This week it has been quite relaxed. However, it was still exciting!
 Luca Sorigué is explaining his week:

On Monday I went to school, at school had I learned maths, English and I did the same exam of my class.
On Tuesday my friend told me that he has 13 years. I win the spelling test. 
All the week has been a very funny nice week.


On Saturday after Mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace, we started our romería.
Prayin to our Mother, as Jorge holds the image.

Afterwards, we headed to the footie.
It was an important day because Vicente Birthday turned years, so we took the chance to blow out candles and ate cake with all the students who had celebrated their birthdays.

Later we started our 18 hole game. We were divided into 3 teams.


After completing the 18 holes we cotinued our Remería:

It was as long as it was fun!!!

Here some pictures!

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