miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

Let's rap! - Project 4

 As you all probably saw at the airport on the 4th April when I gave out the project books, the last project was called "Let's Rap"! We spent the last week working on it and I'm glad to show you the results.
We recorded 4 different songs, according to the 4 different groups that used to go to Rockbrook each day of the week.
These are the singers of each of the songs, in the appearing order. Enjoy the songs!

Monday - Ballyroan
-Hugo Marcet
-Guillermo Romero
-Pablo Calvo
-Ramón Lefort
-César García

Tuesday - St. Mary's and Pere Muñoz
-Álvaro Montuenga
-Beltrán De Arquer
-Lucas Clavell
-Pere Muñoz

Wednesday - Our Lady's + St. Joseph's
-Marc Sobrevías
-Richy Viayna
-Alejandro Navas
-Pepe Postigo

Thursday - St. Pius
-Alfonso Benavides
-Pablo Rafel
-Luis Terradas
-Guillermo Puig

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