sábado, 28 de mayo de 2016

Fort Lucan - 8th Weekend

Finally the moment arrived - we went to Fort Lucan!

I had saved one of the best plans for the exam week, so all the boys got happy when I told them we were going to Fort Lucan.
As every Saturday, we went to mass to Our Lady Queen of Peace and then drove to Lucan (30 mins.).
There is not much I can say about the place - I think the best is that you take a look at the photos and videos I've taken.
 Poor Guillermo Puig couldn't take part and enjoy the slides, karts, golf and trampolines. But I gave him some privileges, such as playing with my iPad or having some chips. Let's hope he can join the others next time!
As always, here you have the best photos and videos of the day.
See you next time!

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