martes, 10 de mayo de 2016

Croke Park Stadium - 5th Weekend

A very expected visit!

Like every year, the boys received the visit of two teachers of Viaró: the head of studies Mr. Dionis and the head of Primary and Ireland coordinator Mr. Gómez. They didn't come with empty pockets: they brought letters, presents and other objets, sent by their families - yeah, you! =) - teachers and classmates of Viaró.

Saturday arrived and it was time to visit one of the most important places in Dublin: Croke Park Stadium.
Croke Park is the 3rd biggest stadium in Europe (after Wembley and the Camp Nou). It really was a cultural plan, because the boys got to know the 2 typical Irish sports: Hurling and Gaelic Football.
We all watched a great video, saw the dressing rooms where the players get ready for the matches, wentto the pitch and sat at the spectators' seats. The boys couldn't believe the measures of the stadium (the pitch is more or less 145m long and 97m wide), I guess they were just very proud of the Camp Nou in Barcelona!
Then we went to the museum, saw the trophies and... finally it was time to play! The boys hit the ball with the Hurley (the stick used to play Hurling), kicked a football and tried many other mini-games related to both sports. I think it really was a good experience - it's not all about football!
Unfortunately Hugo was a bit ill and after the visit to Croke Park he was picked up by his host mother and brought home to have a rest.
After buying some souvenirs, we had some time left before going back to Rockbrook, so we drove to Dundrum Shopping Centre, where the boys had the opportunity to shop a bit. 
Finally back at Rockbrook it was time to say goodbye to Mr. Dionis and Mr. Gómez, who accompanied us during all the Saturday plan, talked to all and each of the boys and even gave a Rosary to each of them - I guess it's time to pray it, especially in this month of our Holy Mother!

This week we go back to the routine, we've almost completed half of our experience but there are still many great experiences to live and memories to gather.
See you soon!

PS: As usual, here you have more photos:

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